Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Ball-Jointed Doll Artists Retreat!

I'm back from my retreat and it was great! It was a great learning experience, it was fun, and even exhausting. We sculpted a head, created the molds for it, and cast it in just three days. We also had a wonderful airbrush painting demonstration. I was very busy but I did manage to snap a few pictures. So here they are!

This is what I came home with--my original sculpt and the casted head. We used ball barings for eyes so the original looks quite creepy. I had wanted to sculpt a girl, but my head decided to be a boy! We only had four hours or so to sculpt the head, so I thought it came out pretty good considering.

Making the clay bed for the molding process...

Making the mold box...

Our classroom. (The lovely and talented Lori Metcalf, seated in front, was my roommate for the weekend! Thanks for everything, Lori!)

Our wonderful sculpting instructor, NIADA artist, Pat Lilich talks with Lori.

This is Donn Kinney of Bishonen House, our mold making instructor.

Here are two of Donn's amazing dolls...

And some alternate face plates for them.

I met so many wonderful (and talented) people, I really wish I were better at remembering names.

On the left is Yia Putman. She sat right in front of me and was a delight to talk to.

Lori and I pose with Yia's doll.

Sarah, AKA Batchix, with her incredible Machina dolls.

One person's trash is another person's treasure! The mohair scraps I brought were a hit with the dollmakers.

One tiny doll gets a new look from an unused mohair Teddy ear!

And look who I found at the BJD Artists' Retreat! Famous fellow Teddy Bear Artist, Art Rogers of Chatham Village Bears!

Saturday evening there was a Steampunk Ball and I took some pictures there too, but I'll have to post them later. I want to spend some time in my studio today...the bears are calling!


KJ Lyons said...

Tami, Hello
What are your thoughts on ball joints? Could they be applied to teddy bears? I'm curious, did Art say why he was taking the retreat? I think it would be great if you could bring ball joints into the teddy bear world ;->

Shelli said...

Wow, Tami... What an AWESOME learning experience! I know Batchix from her work and love her Machinas, too. And how cool that you went to a Steampunk ball; that's really big in the ATC circles I frequent, as a card theme. Your head sculpt is incredible, by the way, girl; you must be absolutely flush with excitement! I can't wait to see the first fully finished doll from your studio. Post more photos!!

nikedolls said...

Hey, nice post and lovely face! What type of clay did you use for the sculpt?

Tami Eveslage said...

Thank you! It was Prosculpt.