Thursday, January 24, 2013


I have just finished making my second "litter" of kittens ever, and my first for this year. I very much enjoyed making these, and I am so pleased with how they turned out. They are for orders, so I am hoping that my collectors will love them, too!

Each little kitten stands just 10 inches tall not including his or her ears, and is made from dense alpaca.  Their distinctive markings were achieved with many layers of hand coloring with Prismacolor fine art pens. In addition to these  markings, their faces feature careful scissor sculpting, needle sculpting, a stitched pearl cotton nose,  blown glass eyes, enhanced with shimmery gold paint (on the back). They are five-way jointed and stands on their own due to weighted legs and wired tail. Each one wears a simple neck ribbon which complements his  fur. My kittens will be an open edition, however due to the hand coloring each one will be unique and so I have chosen to give them unique and alliterative names. My first group were Scamper, Scooter, and Scout. These are Cricket, Colby and Cali.

Three Little Kittens!




Cali has lost her mittens!

"It's OK," Colby consoles her, "Eating pie with mittens on is a bit silly anyway!"

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Happy New Year! Celebrating 20 Years of Making Teddy Bears!

Happy New Year, Friends! How does a bear maker celebrate New Year's Eve? Making Teddy Bears of course! My first bear of 2013 was "born" just after midnight January 1, 2013 and the second bear was finished on the second day of this month. These little ones, made for an order were in progress for quite a while but December is an incredibly busy month for my family so a nice evening at home sewing is just what I needed.

I feel like 2013 is going to be a great year for a number of reasons. First, it is my 20th anniversary in the warm fuzzy business that is Teddy Bear Artistry! I made bears in many mediums before discovering the "world" of artist bears, but 1993 was the year I began to sell my creations. I am planning to celebrate this milestone with a couple of fun give aways later this year. The first will be in March. Since I cannot recall the exact date of my first sale, I thought my own birthday, March 7, would be a good time to have the first give away. This one will be open to anyone who reads my blog, so stay tuned for how to enter! The next one, to be given at Christmastime, will be a very special bear drawing for anyone who purchases one of my creations from me this year (including bears ordered last year, but delivered this year) More details for that to follow as well.

The second thing I am really looking forward to this year is doing five shows--two in person and three online!  Shows are my favorite way to introduce my work to collectors. I love to get to meet collectors in person and to reconnect with artist and collectors friends at the in person shows. Also, at both  online shows and the ones in person, there is such a nice building of anticipation and excitement as I watch my work table fill with pieces waiting to make their debut together. Please visit the "Shows" link at the top of this page for my 2013 show schedule.

And finally, I have already had some great news for 2013. I have had three pieces chosen as TOBY Industry's Choice Award winners! These bears (and kitten), were chosen by a panel of industry leaders and they will be published in the June issue of Teddy Bear and Friends magazine for public voting. Follow this link to see a slideshow of all the winners! I am so pleased and thankful to the judges for honoring my work!

Here are some photos of my winners!

Hatta, TOBY Industry's Choice Award in the Large Dressed Bear Category

Scooter, TOBY Industry's Choice Award in the Small Friend Category

Toklo, TOBY Industry's Choice Award in the Large Undressed Bear Category