Sunday, September 23, 2012

More Head Shots...

Why? Because photos help me to see issues with the sculpt. I have done some refining,and I am nearly ready to leave her to dry completely. I think I need to add the tiniest bit of material to her right (on the left in the photo) eyelids upper and lower, and perhaps a bit to the eyeball itself on that side. I need to sand the philtrum a bit better, and add a tiny bit to her left nostril on the other side. The ears need work...

Friday, September 21, 2012


 I love to take sculpting classes! Heck, I love to take any kind of art class! The obvious reason for taking  workshops is to learn from the experience of the talented instructors, but I always have another motive for taking sculpting and painting classes. It is simply to schedule time to actually do those things I love. When one makes a business of her art, it can be challenging  to find time to pursue new artistic avenues. Making bears and teaching art are more than full time endeavors and with family time added to that I have little time for "hobbies". I have been sculpting for nearly 9 years, but since I have so very little time to sculpt, I still sort of feel like a beginner.

I was scheduled to take a doll sculpting seminar this week with Jack Johnston, but he was forced to cancel because only one other person besides me had signed up! So I decided to take my scheduled time to sculpt anyway! I have been admiring the work of Susie McMahon  for some time. I love the way she uses a painted cloth over clay technique which gives her dolls and figurative sculptures the look of a 3-d painting! I want to try this!!! Using some of the refunded deposit from my Jack Johnston class, I ordered Susie McMahon's Pipkin kit from Etsy. I can't wait to make this little doll.

Susie McMahon's Pipkin
But I also wanted to try the technique on my own sculpt, so I started a paperclay head...and I worked on her for nearly 12 hours straight!!! I couldn't put it down. I love to sculpt!

I covered a styrofoam egg with paperclay


Eyes are a challenge!

I wiped out the eyes and lower lip.

It helps me shape the upper one the way I want.

Then I put in the lower lip.

Getting rid of some clay in the eye sockets.

Better, I think. I need a but more material inside of the browbones.

With a shoulderplate.

I am pleased overall...Still need to work on the eyes.

I tried drawing in the eyes temporarily, but something is not right. I am in love with her though, because I am in love with sculpting! I can't wait to try the "cloth over" method. I have to leave her to dry and get back to work on my bears. I have a few orders and TWO shows coming up fast!