Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Chloe's New Dress

Chloe is modeling a new dress I purchased for her from Den of Angels member Spampy. She makes adorable and very reasonably priced clothes for tiny BJDs.
I was going to make all of her clothes myself, but who could say no to this adorable dress and tights. I did make her a tiny bear this past weekend though! It is the smallest bear I have made in a LONG time. I also made another tiny bear this weekend for Chloe's Secret Santa partner...Shhh! Don't tell!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Dream Studio

This is the studio I have always wanted!!!

No, I don't mean one that is a great big mess. But one where my loved ones can join me working on their own creative persuits!

Alex is sewing the body for a Leonardo Da Vinci pop-up puppet...

And Brendan is drawing a family crest.

And no doubt Missy's creative endeavor involves dreaming up new ways to annoy Cinder (our other kitty)

I guess in my true dream studio, we would all have table space to work and big windows would drench us in natural light...Oh, and it would be clean... But any studio is a very nice place to work with such wonderful company!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Hunt Valley Teddy Bear Show

On November 2, I went to the Handmade Treasures Teddy Bear Show and Sale in Hunt Valley Maryland. The Christmas theme made this a wonderful show with a very festive atmosphere. It is put on by Teddy Bears on Vacation.I enjoyed meeting artists and collectors like I always do, and I sold all of my bears!
I was sick the week before the show and, as usual, I was making bears right up until the moment I left (actually I even sewed on the drive up)so I didn't get to create a preview here on my blog like I had hoped. But here is a REview in pictures!

First, here are a few close-ups I took while planning my table display.

I enjoyed making these traditional Teddies with a brand new pattern.

These Beatrix Potter inspired bunnies were among the first things to "hop" off my table.

The Little Drummer Boy was published in the December issue of Teddy Bear and Friends magazine.

Polar Santa

My Dad was my assistant. He was great! He drove the whole way so I could finish the tiny bear for Polar Santa's toy bag, and he carried all the boxes. Everyone loved Dad's "costume"! Ha, Ha! My dad always looks like Santa!

Many of the artists did wear Chrsitmas themed costumes (I would have, but I was too busy getting bears finished!) Here is something you don't see every day...Christmas pirates!

Mystery author, John Lamb, and his wife Joyce dressed as Sugar Plums! John wanted to make it clear that while he was a Sugar Plum, he was not a fairy!!!

I was pleased to meet, in person, Jamie, a lovely collector who discovered my work on ebay. She adopted Little Drummer Boy.

All of my bears found homes but I didn't go home empty handed. I adopted this little darling from artist Donna Griffin! I was so happy to see Donna again. We met in 2005 at the TOBY Awards where we both won a TOBY Public's Choice Award! Donna has gone on to win a few more!

All in all it was a great show.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Halloween Cuties

I am a little behind in posting, so I will be making two posts today. I just had to include these photos of Halloween. Isn't this the cutest little bear ever? This is my nephew and Godson, Nolan wearing a costume I made when Alex was a baby.

And these big boys are my babies--no longer babies of course. Somehow, it seems like forever ago and yesterday at once that they wore the little Teddy Bear suit. I have no pictures to post of them in it, though, since it was before I went digital. Anyway, here are my sons in their Halloween attire!