Friday, January 28, 2011

"Can't complain, but sometimes I still do"

The title of this post is a line from Joe Walsh's song "Life's Been Good". I always crank up the volume when I hear it on the radio because, starting when I first heard it as a child, I've always felt it was kind of a theme song for me. No, not that I'm a rich, drunken, and drugged out rock star, but just that life truly is good! And I've always liked that line in particular, because even in a life as blessed as mine, sometimes a bunch of insignificant challenges can stack up and make me feel sorry for myself. That's how I feel right now. The little things are bringing me down. Caution: whining ahead!

The first dozen or so "little things" which are bringing me down are all over my face--pimples!!! For the last two months, an acne outbreak has invaded my face. I can't figure out what is causing it, or how to make it go away. It's like I'm a teenager again, only without the slender, petite body which I so did not appreciate when it was mine! I've never had a perfectly clear complexion, always having one or two spots to dot with Clearasil at night and concealer during the day, but this outbreak surpasses even those of my teenage years.I know it's vain, but I get depressed every time I catch my reflection in a mirror lately.

Two more little things which are bothering me lay on my studio table downstairs. They are two failed attempts at making a miniature Hogwarts robe for one of my ball-jointed dolls. Having just finished four bears which I'd been working on since the beginning of the month, I decided to indulge in some recreational sewing. I am a huge Harry Potter fan and had decided to make my newest BJD a complete Hogwarts school uniform. I made a cute grey sweater from a pair of socks and I was excited to start the robe. The first one I made was too small to fit nicely over the sweater, so I tried again. This time it was going well. The test fit proved it would go over the sweater and I sewed the lining in by hand. I was so pleased at my neat and tiny backstitch, but also marveled at how long it took me to handsew something so small. Then I realized I'd sewn the lining in backwards! Neat and tiny stitches are not so easy to remove.

The final little thing which has me whining, is the fact that I must go to work both Saturday and Sunday this weekend. Teachers aren't supposed to work weekends! The Catholic school where I teach art is having an open house after church on Sunday and I have to be present for it. I need to go in on Saturday to prepare.

I know I have a good life, and I really can't complain--but sometimes I still do!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!!! The year is still new until at least March, I think.

We have had much more snow here in Ohio than we normally have in December and early January and if you are a child or a dog, it is the perfect weather to play outside.

If you are me, however, it is the perfect weather to hibernate inside with your bears. Brrrr! Look at that snow!

I have finally finished the first four bears of 2011!

Technically two of these are 2010 designs, and all three still need their accessories, but they've all had their first hugs and their "birthmarks" read 2011. The two pandas are limited editions destined for My Friends and Me, and polar bear will be be my next installment in the "Theodore Loves His Teddy" series for Teddies of Mt. Holly. I am still working on his Teddy Roosevelt doll.

The fourth bear is called Paxton. He is a special commission for a collector who wanted a bear inspired by her dog. She didn't want a dog portrait, but a bear like her dog Baxter. It was a fun challenge, and I am pleased with the result, I am waiting to hear if my collector is too!

I tried to upload the picture of Baxter for comparison, but I guess blogger doesn't like the format.

I'm working on the TR doll, one more collector order, and then I'll be making bears for the Bloomin Bears" online show March 12 and 13. Be sure to click the link to the right to get more information about this exciting show.