Monday, December 10, 2012

Christmas Time in the Studio!

I added a bit of Christmas cheer to my studio this year! A couple of my ball-jointed dolls became little elves to help me with my own toy-making.

The kitschy Rocking Santa, once loved by toddlers now shunned by teenagers, swings along with the radio in my studio, and a lovely tiny nativity ornament resides on this shelf year round.

And there is the tree! I bought two little trees, one for each of the boys' rooms, but Alex didn't want one this year so I brought it down to my studio. I didn't really want to buy any ornaments so I thought of making a garland of thread spools. But what if I needed a color of thread for my work? I needed a way to put them on the tree, but still be able to access them easily if I needed them. I got this idea from this blog, Sew Many Ways, and I love it! Sean helped me make all the little hooks and it makes a lovely studio tree!

Merry Christmas from my studio!!!