Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year!!!! And My 20th Anniversary Bear Drawing

Even though every year seems to fly by faster than the previous one, it never ceases to amaze me! It really feels like only yesterday I was writing this blog post full of plans and anticipation for 2013! Re-reading the post just moments before the calendar page will be turned to 2014, is a gentle reminder to me that time waits for no one. Oh, who am I kidding--there's nothing gentle about it! The plans that did not yet come to fruition are hitting me like a ton of bricks! I want to yell, "Hey, wait 2013! I wasn't finished with you yet!"

In spite of that I plan to finish the year on a positive note. After all, I did accomplish some of my goals and it really has been a good year. I did create bears and animals for five shows. I even finished a doll, which has been on my list of goals for several years now, and I was very pleased with her!  A total of 43 bears, (and kitties and a doll) were created by me in my studio this year and they all found homes!

Also, the year started with three of my pieces being awarded TOBY Industry's Choice Awards, and these two fellows were awarded Best of Show by the show visitors.

And, while I didn't do the drawing for my special 20th anniversary give away in March, I have been collecting the names of all of those who have adopted bears this year in this jar There are 43 entries which I have double checked in my record book.

I have a special anniversary bear near completion- he will be ready by Saturday, and my husband drew the lucky winner tonight! Congratulations to Doug Bost! And thank you so very much to all of my collectors! I could not enjoy this wonderful business without you all!

Sorry about the sideways video...I should know my camera doesn't automatically rotate videos like it does photos, but I think you can see it anyway!