Sunday, May 27, 2007

Graduate School, Teddy Bears and More

It has been a while. Gee, I'd better dust off the cobwebs and find some room to write here! I enjoy writing, and I had really wanted to keep this spot up to date regarding my creative activities. It's not that I haven't been creative, I've just been too busy to stop and make note of it. I started graduate school in January. I renewed my K-8 teaching certification and hope to add Visual Arts certification to it. It was a fun and busy semester. I always enjoy school. I took a drawing class (Drawing II--the continuation of a class I took during my undergraduate study in 1990!!!) I enjoyed this class not only for the drawing, but mostly for the energy that comes from being surrounded by creative people. I loved how different the drawings all were even though we would start with the same subject matter and materials. Here is one of my drawings. We took a photograph of someone and made a skewed grid to warp the face. I warped my son Alex. He thought this was pretty cool.

Since I was renewing my teaching certification, I also had a chance to be creative with a bulletin board assignment.

I did manage to squeeze in some bear making time in order to participate in the Bid 4 Bears Artist Campaign. One of the bears I created for this, Honeypaws, became the star of my very first PowerPoint Presentation The Art of the Teddy Bear. This was an assignment for a class as well. The presentation tells a bit of art history, and describes the process I go through to create my Teddy Bears. I presented the Slideshow to a Mother Daughter Banquet with a Teddy Bear Picnic theme.

Here is Honeypaws. He is living in England now.