Sunday, June 10, 2012

Confessions of a Compulsive List-Maker

I have struggled for so long with trying to organize my time that am beginning to wonder if it is even possible for me. I am always making lists for myself in an ongoing effort to be more organized and keep myself focused on what I need to get done. I end each day by making a "To-Do List" for the following day. While I know that organization experts maintain that this is a great idea, I'm not sure if it is working for me, in fact, I am sure it is not! These lists, designed to make life easier, are becoming more of a frustration to me than a comfort. This is due to the fact that a large number of tasks end up moving from today's list to tomorrow's because they simply did not get done. I find this very stressful. Once, my husband told me I should call them "wish lists" instead of "to do lists" because "No one could possibly do all of that in one day!" My lists do tend to be longer than the day itself, and some days I am overwhelmed just looking at them.

Last Sunday night, as I sat in my bed, pen and notebook in hand, I thought about the week ahead. It was going to be a busy one both at home and at school. "I better write this stuff down so I don't forget anything," I told myself. I mentally began to divide the tasks into daily lists, and started to feel overwhelmed before my pen even touched the paper. Then I remembered this little quote a friend had posted on facebook:

She had posted it to her wall to share with all of her facebook friends, but I knew right away that the message was for me. I put down the pen and decided no list this week. Whatever I do will be enough.

Now here I sit, one week later, looking back at my week. It was indeed a very busy, but surprisingly stress free and enjoyable week! I worried at first that perhaps I had forgotten something important, or maybe I didn't get anything done. So I decided it indulge myself in one more list. I'm going to call this one my "Ta-da!" list, because I really did get a lot done!

1. I finished the school year and cleaned and packed up my art classroom for the summer.
2. I kept up with the laundry and my other household chores. (This one makes me so happy!)
3. I finished and shipped my last shop order for My Friends and Me
4.I worked on a new design/pattern for a cat. While it is still a work in progress, the head looks wonderful and I am excited to finish it.
5. I taught a beginner bear making class to a friend from school (7 hours!)
6. I got my hair done.
7. I enjoyed lots of family fun time including a trip to King's Island with Alex and Brendan,
8. and my niece's birthday/graduation party,
9. and a family reunion!
10. I also wrote two blog posts!
Ta-da! I'm going to see if this works two weeks in a row. I am hopeful! 

Saturday, June 9, 2012


I am working on a new pattern design,and I am quite pleased with the little face which is emerging. It is going to be a kitten. I wish I could show you, but it is for the Friends of Teddy online show which will take place next month at and he can't be unveiled until then.

Perhaps it's better not to show it in it's unfinished state, though. The body pattern was a complete miss--"FAIL" my sons would say. Also my family was offering some unsolicited critiques. I was pleased with the little guy's head so I showed him to them. Alex said, " I don't like the pink in the ears. It makes him look like a mouse." Sean said, "he looks like a cat-bear...or a Bearcat!' He added that last bit with a laugh; the Univeristy of Cincinnati's team mascot is called a Bearcat.  I can assure you that my kitten looks nothing like this:

Or even this:

Bearcat is another name for the Binturong, a viverrine mammal from Southeast Asia

I think the reason I am pleased with my kitten --even with the helpful comments from my family, is because I can see not only what my kitten looks like now, but also where it is going, and I can tell I am going in the right direction to get it there. I was going in the wrong direction with the body (I can ususally tell that pretty quickly too!). but I changed direction. I can't wait to finish him, so that you and my family can see he's a kitten- not a mouse or a Bearcat!