Saturday, June 9, 2012


I am working on a new pattern design,and I am quite pleased with the little face which is emerging. It is going to be a kitten. I wish I could show you, but it is for the Friends of Teddy online show which will take place next month at and he can't be unveiled until then.

Perhaps it's better not to show it in it's unfinished state, though. The body pattern was a complete miss--"FAIL" my sons would say. Also my family was offering some unsolicited critiques. I was pleased with the little guy's head so I showed him to them. Alex said, " I don't like the pink in the ears. It makes him look like a mouse." Sean said, "he looks like a cat-bear...or a Bearcat!' He added that last bit with a laugh; the Univeristy of Cincinnati's team mascot is called a Bearcat.  I can assure you that my kitten looks nothing like this:

Or even this:

Bearcat is another name for the Binturong, a viverrine mammal from Southeast Asia

I think the reason I am pleased with my kitten --even with the helpful comments from my family, is because I can see not only what my kitten looks like now, but also where it is going, and I can tell I am going in the right direction to get it there. I was going in the wrong direction with the body (I can ususally tell that pretty quickly too!). but I changed direction. I can't wait to finish him, so that you and my family can see he's a kitten- not a mouse or a Bearcat!


Darlene said...

Tammy I am a bearcat, graduated from university of cincinnati! My hometown. Good luck with your cat, I'm working on a new cat myself and hoping it comes out ok!

Tami Eveslage said...

Darlene, Go Bearcats!I graduated from Mt. St. Joseph, but my dad and brother-in-law are UC grads as well as many of our friends. If you are ever home for a visit look me up. Good luck with your cat too!