Sunday, November 4, 2007

What's going on?

Again, quite a length of time has past since my last post. But not for lack of things to write about! I've been very busy!

I had the most wonderful summer and I had wanted to post about my vacation, but now as my fingers and toes feel the chill of the house in the late fall, it doesn't seem appropriate.

I have had a wonderful start to my first year as an art teacher. The students are great as are my fellow teachers. Some days, when I am cleaning the classroom at the end of a creative and satisfying day, a ripple of excitement runs through me as I think "I'm the art teacher." Of course, my years as a regular classroom teahcer were rewarding, too, but the delight I feel in sharing my greatest passion is unsurpassable. I also enjoy having all the different age groups.

In addition to teaching, I had been working on bears and dolls for the ABC Productions show in Schaumburg. It was a lot of fun as usual and it went very well.
Here is my table at the start of the show.

Here are a few individual shots of some of the pieces.
Here is Agatha:

Here is Pumpkinhead:

Here is Jingles:

Here is Santa's Little Helper: