Very Important Bears

This is a gallery of bears which are important to me in some way, whether they are award winners or personal favorites. Click on any photo to see it larger.

Hatta, 2013 Toby Award Winner
Toklo 2013 Toby Award Winner
Scooter 2013 Toby Award Winner

K'eyush Winner of two Beverly Port  Awards of Excellence

Polar Santa, 2009 Golden Teddy Nominee
Edward Bear , 2009 Golden Teddy Nominee
Clifford Loves His Teddy, Personal Favorite

Paddington, Personal Favorite

Sterling, 2008 Golden Teddy Nominee

Figaro and His Puppet, 2007 Golden Teddy Nominee

Sweet Elliot, 2005 Toby Winner

Cozy, 2000 Golden Teddy Winner

Forest, 1999 Golden Teddy Nominee