Saturday, May 26, 2012

Philadelphia Artist Doll and Teddy Bear Convention

The show was so wonderful I am still buzzing with excitement! I am sitting here trying to get my brain to slow down long enough to write a post about all of it, but there is just too much! The workshops and seminars, the signature gallery, the meals and events were all top notch. It's always great to see friends from other shows, and this time I met so many new people. I have seen wonderful bear artistry at shows, and this one was no exception, but the artist dolls have blown me away! I have admired the work of these artists online for years and it was great to finally meet them and to see their work in person! I also had the opportunity to take sculpting workshops from two award winning artists, Diane Keeler and Mark Dennis. They are both gifted teachers as well as being talented sculptors! Next year, my plan is to be more prepared. I'll arrive with MORE sleep, bring MORE bears, and MORE money!

As usual, I was so distracted with it all I practically forgot I had my camera. However, I did take a few pictures and Sean got some of the award presentation, so perhaps these will help me tell the story, but the only way you'll be able to understand how great it was is to go yourself!

Participating doll and bear artists were invited to create pieces for a special one of a kind signature piece gallery and competition. These were just a few of my favorites...

Francisco Carreno made a wonderful Steam Punk themed bear and donned themed garb himself! He looked great. I had seen Francisco's work in magazines, but always thought that with all that detail it would be bigger. Very impressive!

Here is my own signature piece, K'eyush.

 Deb Canham made this beautiful vignette! Sadly, my photo didn't do it justice.

This wonderful sculpture is by Mark Dennis!

This is Diane Keeler's piece. Lovely!!!

I love this one, but I cannot recall the artist name--I'll have to look it up. Maybe if your eyes are better than mine you can see the card.

Stephanie Blythe made this gorgeous Little Red Riding Hood! Her work is graceful and detailed and much smaller than I had thought before seeing it in person.
There were several workshop offerings and as I mentioned, I too two sculpting ones, but I was so focused on sculpting I didn't get out the camera.

On Friday there were lectures, and I chose to attend Martha Burch's one on costuming and accessorizing.
Her expertise in this area is apparent! 


My table display...needs more bears! I'll do better next year.
My table

Michelle Lamb's table

Darlene Allen's table

Christine Shively-Benjamin's table

Wanda Carson's table

Nancy Wiley's table--I bought the book and will be buying the doll!

Jacquie Pollit's table

Amy Thornton and her table

Hellen Bullard Award of Excellence Award winners

Beverly Port Collector Award of Excellence winners

Beverly Port Artist Award of Excellence winners

K'eyush and his awards!

K'eysush was put on layaway at the show so I get to enjoy him a wee bit longer in my home.

It was a wonderful weekend, and I am already making my plans for next year. Hope to see you there!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Getting Ready!!!

I am getting very excited about the Philadelphia Doll and Teddy Bear Convention this weekend! (See my show schedule for more information.) I'd be even more excited if I were not so tired...As usual I am sewing away into the wee hours of the night trying to get just a few more bears finished. I may even be sewing in the car while Sean drives the 10 hours to Philly...or maybe I'll sleep.
Sorry I have no time for a longer post. I just wanted to share a couple of my favorites from the pieces coming along with me to the show. First up is my signature piece, K'eyush ( His name is Inuit for bear cub)

Next is Toklo...

This is Xing-fu

Here is Leo...

And finally a group shot of some bears waiting to be packed up for the trip!

Maybe I'll see you there!