Friday, October 10, 2008

My BJD is Here!

Meet Chloe. Isn't she sweet?

I had to start with that photograph because it is my favorite, but I suppose I should back up a bit. I have been reading the BJD forums and I noticed it is customary to document the arrival of a new BJD with a "box opening" photo shoot. Since this is my first ball-jointed doll, I decided to participate in this custom so here goes:

The box arrives.

(I've also noticed on the forums that it is also customary for the family pet to inspect the box and make sure all paperwork is in order. Missy seemed to instinctively know this was her job, and she went right to work as soon as I put the box down.)


Is all this stuff for me?

Cinder had to get into the photos too. (How come I can't get a good shot of just him when I want to?)

I like my dress.

Could you make my ears smaller, please? I think they are too big for me.

That's all for now. I'll take more pictures when I get her face done (which may be a little while)
For those waiting to see bears on this blog, you will soon!

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