Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Teddy Bears or Diet Coke

The icemaker in our freezer broke this weekend which led me to actually make use of a cute Teddy Bear ice cube tray I purchased on an impulse at some point in the past. As I was plunking the little frozen Teddy Bears into my glass, my son Alex remarked. "Two of your favorite things enjoyed together, Teddy Bears, and Diet Coke!"
This comment led to the following amusing exchange.

Alex: Which would your rather give up,Teddy Bears or Diet Coke?

Me: Diet Coke. (No hesitation.Diet Coke is not really good for you, but Teddy Bears are!)

Alex: Would you rather give up, Teddy Bears or TV?

Me: (again without hesitaion) TV!

Alex: Teddy Bears or the Internet?

Me: (With a little hesitation this time, I do enjoy the internet) I'd give up the Internet.

Alex: Teddy Bears or electricity?

Me: (No response.)

Alex: Mom?

Me: I'm thinking!

And I'm still thinking! And laughing at myself for contemplating a question which should be a "no- brainer". Electricity sure does make life easier, but a life without Teddy Bears is hard for me to imagine! Anyone else out there as crazy as me that you might consider giving up electricity before giving up making, collecting,or hugging Teddy Bears?


Laura Lynn said...

Oh my gosh that was so funny!!! And you are a girl after my own heart. I am addicted to Diet Coke. But yes, if I had to choose between the two - out would go the Diet Coke. I've tried to quit, and it was not pretty. My daughter actually begged me to drink it again LOL!!!

Lori Fox said...

You are so funny but it is true, as artist the thought of giving up what we create is almost painful. I think if I had to give up my sculpting at one point you would just have to stick me in a padded cell. LOL

Ellen said...

That was a funny conversation! I don't ever drink diet coke, but if someone would ask me if I'd rather give my my Latte Macchiato's or Teddy Bears I would have to think really hard. You spoke like a true passionate artist. I would most definitely not have chosen against the internet.... lol