Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Studio Cat

Since we got Missy in April, she is always right there with me when I am working; curled up in my lap, intently watching me cut out mohair parts, chasing bits of stuffing, stealing the show in bear photographs, or sleeping in her little bed lined in Teddy Fur. In case you couldn't tell by how often she appears in this blog, I love having her near me. Cinder, our big boy is wonderful as well but at 17lbs he's not much of a lap cat!

But danger lurks in a Teddy Studio for a curious kitten! I knew that kittens, like baby humans, put anything in their mouths, so I was sure to be extra careful about putting my things away after working. My studio is an open room that the cats must pass through to the unfinished part of the basement where their litter box is.

Apparently, I was not careful enough! When we took Missy to the vet yesterday because she would not eat and was throwing up, we thought it might be complications from her spaying surgery last week. But the vet took some x-rays and said "linear foreign body". Linear foreign body? I questioned. "Like thread, string, or ribbon" he answered. Oh no!It's my fault my kitty is sick. Where else but my studio would she get into thread, string, or ribbon?

He said that string or similar would not show up on the X-ray, only evidence of it in the form of little air bubbles in the intestine. Missy has special high nutrient food and medicine for nausia and for helping the foreign body pass and thankfully she does seem to be improving (no more vomiting, and she wants to eat and the photo above was taken today), because if she doesn't, it would mean "exploratory surgery". Please say a prayer for Missy so she won't need surgery and check your own studio or home for pet dangers.


Laura Lynn said...

Tami I am so sorry about Missy! I hope all goes well and she makes a full recovery withOUT surgery. (((hugs)))

Bumpkin Hill said...

baso sorry about Missy, my 2 cats are in my studio too so I am also careful about putting everything away but curious cats can find all sorts so really do not blame yourself. I'll be thinking of Missy - HUGS, Catherine xx