Friday, July 18, 2008


Before I post about my latest bear, I wanted to say that Missy seems to be back to her normal bouncy little self, following me around, chasing Cinder, and purring loudly when she's held. Thanks for the prayers and well wishes!

I have finished the bear inspired by the loopy green and purple trim. This is Jax.

Jax's coloring was inspired by the fabric trim, but the clown bear idea came from Paula Carter's Teddy Talk "Send in the Clowns Challenge" last summer. There were many beautiful entries (I made a panda clown that I was quite pleased with) but Paula herself made several fabulous clown bears which had incorporated clothing like this. I thought, "What a wonderful way to use up pieces of mohair which were too small for a large bear, but to long and thick for a smaller bear." (It's also a nice way to use up yards and yards of white mohair you have special ordered with out making all white bears.) I had asked Paula if she would mind if I used the idea, and she said, go for it. So, a year later, here he is--Jax--a clown bear Tami-style. Be sure to visit Paula's blog (You'll find link to the right.) if you'd like to see more wonderful clown bears.

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All Bear by Paula said...

How lovely to see your beautiful clown bear finished Tami! I love his colouring and he has such a wonderfully soulful face. Gorgeous work!