Thursday, May 23, 2013

Philadelphia Artist Doll and Teddy Bear Convention

I can't believe it has been nearly three weeks since the Quinlan Artist Doll and Teddy Bear Convention in Philadelphia and I still have not posted a review. This is partly because I have been quite busy with school (teaching) and with my sons' school and sporting events, but mostly because it was so wonderful that I am sure mere words--and certainly not my crappy cell phone pictures---will do it justice!

I was working right up until the moment we left, as usual, and took the following photos of my six pieces just before getting them packed to travel. And then I forgot to pack my camera!!! I nearly cried when I realized it. Well, honestly, I did cry a little, but hey, it was late, I was really tired and I had a massive headache. One day I will get it together, and I will be able to attend shows (one of my favorite things about the Teddy Bear business) without winding myself into a big ball of stress beforehand. It wasn't this day though.

Here are the photos of my show bears (the doll is in the previous post) which I am pleased to report all very quickly found new homes.

Ferdinand and His Puppet

Remi and His Puppet


Jumping Jack!

As I said, the convention was amazing. It was even better than last year. The Artist's Signature Gallery was so full of incredible dolls, sculptures, and bears, and it was standing room only for the gallery visitors! It was really difficult to vote for my favorites, however the winners were no surprise as their pieces were so spectacular! Wish I had photos...

The workshops available all looked fun and I even did a presentation of my paw pad techniques. I took "Sculpting a Child's Head" taught by Diane Keeler. I wanted to share a photo here of my classwork. I went to take one today and... well, as scattered as I have been lately I suppose this is not a complete surprise... but I've completely lost my head!!! It was a fantastic workshop with a great teacher, and it was a pretty good head, too. I guess I'll show you when I find it.

I took some cell phone photos of other people's workshop creations though. Sue Van Natten taught a jewelry making class when students made these delightful charm necklaces!

Sharon Barron taught a workshop on finishing a lovely red mohair sailor bear!

I fell in love with this bear from his photo and really wanted to take this workshop as well, but it was at the same time as Diane Keeler's so Sharon very sweetly made up a kit for me and I finished it when I got home! Here is my finished bear with a little friend I purchased from Sharon as well!

Here are a couple of pictures of my table...I've GOT to bring my camera next time!

The challenge galleries were a lot of fun too--Dolls by Bear Artists, Bears by Doll Artists, and Funk and Junk--I just didn't get any good pictures of them.

If you ever have a chance to attend this show I highly recommend it!!!

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Laura Lynn said...

Tami thanks so much for the review! I really enjoyed it and LOVED your bears and doll!