Thursday, October 13, 2011


At the beginning of each year, for the past few years, as I've attempted to map out a direction for my bears and dolls, to create a "business plan" of sorts, I have struggled with the question of whether or not to take commissions. I know of quite a few Teddy Bear artists who, for various reasons, choose not to. I am always tempted take that route myself. In fact, at the beginning of this year, I had even decided I would not take orders, but a few sweetly persistant collectors changed my mind! For me, while there is something I find very satisfying about making a special bear for an individual, I always have a struggle with time. No matter how I try to fit special orders in and around my shop and show commitments, and making work available from my website (as well as my other career as an elementary school art teacher), there is always a point in the year when I find myself overcommitted and dreadfully behind. I am there again now. I have several bears for my shop nearly completed, a state they have exisited in for a couple of weeks owing to the fact that I stole a bit of time for two Halloween bears who were positively begging to be made from some delicious orange, black, gold curly mohair I had in my stash, and who will be available here on my website later today. I also have two holiday shows looming large on the horizon! *Sigh* Artists are not general known for their business sense. Although I do know a few lucky talented and organized people, I am not one of them. I have been fortunate in one respect though; my dear collectors have been enormously patient with me, and for this I am very grateful. And so, here are a couple of commissions I have finally finished for my Dear and Patient Collectors!!!

First meet Pascal and His Puppet. Linda enjoyed seeing the puppet pairings I have been doing, but preferred a panda as the puppeteer!

Next please greet a petite polar bear called Tundra for Kelly.

I will be listing the two Halloween friends below on my available page this afternoon, and then heading to my studio (and camping out there for the next month!!!) to finish shop bears and work on some festive friends for my two Christmas themed November shows! I am fortunate in another way too. Even when I find myself a bit stressed out, I know I am lucky to have a job that I love! (I have two jobs that I love actually--because I love teaching as well!)


Kays Kids said...

I feel for you. I do take commissions and every time I say I'm not taking any more, but it happens. I usually have something in my mind that I really want to create. Your bears are just wonderful.

Katy Cameron said...

Aww, love the 2 halloween friends!

I working on a commision bear right now. I gave myself months to get it done (ordered in July for delivery in November as it's a Christmas pressie) and I still feel like I'll be pushing it for time - argh!

Miss Johnson said...

I love those hallowe'en bears, Tami :)

Cheryl @ Bingle Bears said...

Amazingly beautiful work as always!!

Sue Jennings said...

Your Halloween bears are absolutely gorgeous!!

Мария said...

Magnificent Bears! Puppeteer panda is incredibly good! So talented that it is impossible to remain silent. I'm excited!