Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Taking It Outside!

I know my blog is called Inside My Studio, but the weather today was so pleasant I decided to take my studio outside!

This new design I am working on was inspired by some wonderful scruffy, sparse, short mohair which demanded a vintage looking bear. I wanted them to have a classic well loved look, but still have that "Tami bear" look. I quite like them, and I hope my collectors at The Hunt Valley Show will too!

Missy was watching me out of the screen porch window, crying to be let out.

I decided to let her out, and thought I might get some nice photos. As Missy is an indoor cat, she was far too interested in exploring the great outdoors to bother to pose for me!

I mostly got shots of her looking this way...

and that (she was very gifted at turning away just as I snapped the shot),

and many of her tail end!

I did get one shot I really liked of Missy in my sons' clubhouse.

We have had such a dry summmer that many people are predicting a rather colorless fall. There are already a lot of trees which have dropped brown leaves, but one maple tree in our yard was dressed for the season!

Yes, I did actually get some work done. What a lovely day!


Tammy said...

Oh Tami, I LOVE LOVE LOVE everything about these bears. They are wonderful, I wish I could afford one :( Well done !

Hugs, Tammy

Tami Eveslage said...

Thank you so much Tammy!

Miss Johnson said...

Hi Tami :D

I think the vintage bears look great! I enjoy seeing the vintage styles people have attempted, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't (yours are definitely in the 'works' category!).

How are Missy and Cinder? Is she still walking on her harness, or are you back to following her closely and watching for dogs? She looks happy paddind around out there...

Tami Eveslage said...

Thanks Chloe. Missy does love the outdoors. I was just following her closely and watching for dogs this time.

Debora Hoffmann said...

What fun! I love the bears (how did they go over at the show?), and it's fun to see your cat exploring the outdoors.