Monday, June 15, 2009

A Spot of Bears

After a very long dry spell, here's a little Teddy shower! School is out and I can redirect my creative energies from teaching art to making art! Here is the result!

First up is my second installment in the "Theodore Loves His Teddy" series which is exclusively available at Teddies of Mt. Holly in New Jersey. The bear is a 23" black bear cub made from extra dense alpaca, with his hand sculpted Teddy doll. I'm calling this one "Clifford Loves His Teddy" after Clifford Berryman the cartoonist who began the association between Teddy Roosevelt and the bear with his drawings. I'm rather fond of this guy so I took a few pictures...

Next, continuing with the theme of the dear Teddy Bear's namesake, but on a subsantially smaller scale is Li'l TR. I have been wanting to create a new small bear design for a little while so he was really fun. He was made as a gift.

The third bear I have to share is Jade. She is also an exclusive design (in this size) for Teddies of Mt. Holly.

And finally, here's Pippen! He's a large and lovely (if you don't mind my saying) summertime polar bear who's sporting a nautical style collar recalling seaside holidays. This bear is exclusively available from My Friends and Me in Leesburg. VA

I do hope to have some new bears available from my website soon, but if you'd like to get your paws on one of my first four bears of 2009, please contact these lovely shops!
Teddies of Mt. Holly
My Friends and Me


Ellen said...

Ohhhh Tami, your bears are better than ever!!!! Gosh, how I love them, all of them!!! Many hugs, Ellen

Boot Button Bears said...

These new creations of yours are absolutely superb. What a joy they are to look at. I love that fur you have used, it is so luscious.

Hugs, Christine.

Lori Fox said...

Your bears are wonderful, you are so talented!! I love then all :)