Monday, June 22, 2009

A Bear for Brendan

It's always exciting to get a package with new fur in it-and even more so, I have found recently, when the package comes with free mohair! Intercal, one of the main suppliers where I purchase the special fabrics for my bears, has had coupons on their site forever, and periodically they offer "double coupons". But for some reason, it is only in the last year that I have even taken note of them. I usually know what I need and "get in, get it, and get out". I'm sure if it was a physical store where I could go and see and touch all that delicious fur, I would not be so focused a shopper. It is a website though so it's not as easy to just browse.

When I opened my package and found these two lovely pieces of mohair were my "feebies" I was thrilled.

My son Brendan was impressed too. "Can I have them since they were free?" he asked. (He made a lovely bear last year and has been wanting to make another.)

"No, I need to make bears for my show," I replied.

"Well can you at least make me a bear with them?"

"Maybe," I told him. Then I asked, "Do you mean two bears, or one bear with both furs?"

"One with both," he said, and then he proceeded to describe a bear with mostly the orange, with a golden tummy and snout. Brendan has always been one of the greatest fans of my Teddy Bears. He loves them all and very often asks when he sadly watches me pack and ship the bears off to their new homes, "Will you make one like that for me someday?" My reply is usually the same. Maybe. In reality, I have made Brendan only one bear--the one I made for him when he was a newborn. But I don't say maybe to tease him. I really do want to make bears for him, but there are always shows and orders on the horizon, now is no different, and never seems to happen.

"Yes, I'll make your bear," I suddenly decided. "I can design a new pattern for my show, and I can give you the prototype." I felt like this was a great idea. A prototype is not something I usually do, but this way I would not really have to stop working on show bears...the design would be for the show! Brendan liked the idea too, and he loves his little bear! He is naming him Peanut.

I think I'd have called him Marmalade because of his coloring, but Brendan has his reasons for the name he picked as well.

Next up, more big polar bears and something small and pink! Keep watching!


Vicki said...

Oh how lovely is Brendan and he looks so happy with Peanut and i can not blame him. Peanut is stunning.
My 2 boys are always saying the same to me "Mum can i have that bear?" "Mum will you make me one just like that?" and i too have to tell them when i get time. I made a bear the other day, a tatty bear which was the first of a new line i am working on and my oldest Carl who is 11 said he liked it. So without telling Carl i made my 2nd one in grey and and when he was finished i gave him to Carl.That day i saw the biggest smile and that really made my day :o)

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful picture of your son and his lovey bear. The bear is adorable, I'm hoping to be at the chicago show in october, I'll have to come and say hi!! hugs, Jennifer

Ellen said...

This bear is amazing Tami!!!
I love him and I can only imagine how happy your son must be!
I have just given you a blog award for your enormous talent and giving personality...Check my blog for details ( )
Hugs, Ellen