Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Look, Mom! No Hands!

Or arms even for that matter! Help!

Here is a bear that I am working on. He will have a doll to hold like "Theodore Loves His Teddy" so I have made wire armatures for his arms. I use electrical cable, duct tape, and quilt batting. I bend the paw into shape, then wrap it with duct tape. I cut away the plastic coating on the end and clip all but two of the wires flush with the plastic. I used the remaining wires to wrap around the joint bolt. The armature is wrapped with quilt batting that is secured with strong thread.

The bear is finished now and his arms will help him hold on tight to his little doll. In the mean time though, he wants to hold hands with Paddington!

I'll post progress on his doll next.

1 comment:

fribbles said...

Tami, absolutely love this photo of your bears---am in awe of their size and sheer perfection of form. Thanks so much for sharing your unique artistic journey with onlookers like myself!