Friday, February 22, 2008

"And I Really Want a Pet Pig!"

I am excited to say that my Teddy Bear Sterling has been nominated for a 2008 Golden Teddy Award. This award is sponsored by the Teddy Bear Review Magazine and my bear will appear in the magazine along with the other nominees and the subscribers will vote on their favorites. It is very exciting. There is an awards ceremony in Washington DC and I would love to attend. This is my fourth Golden Teddy nomination and I have never been to the ceremony (although I did win once.)
I heard a while back, but I received my official notification and my ribbon in the mail today and I got excited all over again! As I read through the material I said aloud, "Oh, I really want to go to Washington DC."
To which my eight year old son Brendan replied, "And I really want a pet pig!"
I cracked up thinking he was trying to be funny. Then I looked at his earnest little smile, and he said, "I really do. They are cute, and smart, and funny. Can I have one?"
Not as cute and smart and funny as you are, Brendan! Aren't kids the best?

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