Friday, November 4, 2016

Hello....hello? Anybody still here?

Well friends,  it has been a while, I'm sorry, but it has been an unusual year. However, I have been working in my studio a bit here and there, and a even a bit more recently.  

Normally, I would be anouncing the preview of my last show of the year, but today is the beginning of the preview of my first and only show this year. (I suppose that means it's still my last show of the year as well!)

This is the 7th Annual Christmas Treasures show at . It promises to be a wonderful show with artist from all over the world creating cheerful holiday themed bears and animals. My preview bear is Noel, a 23" alpaca polar bear wearing a lovely green velveteen Father Christmas outfit trimmed in beautiful Tissavel faux fur. I invite you to visit the site today to vote for your favorite bears, and be sure to come back in a couple of weeks for the show!

Also, even though my business name--Tami Eveslage Original Teddy Bears and Dolls--has proclaimed for several years my status as a  bear and doll artist, my doll making endeavors have been few and far between. After posting my most recent creation on Facebook, I was invited by the vice president of the Professional Dollmakers Art Guild to join this talented group! I was honored to accept! If you visit their website you will see why. You will also see that as their first doll and Teddy bear artist, I am featured on their homepage!

Here is my latest doll creation. She is a very personal doll for me. This little one had been emerging slowly from my mind and hands over the last few months. I had heard of "healing dolls" before (artist friend Cody Goodin introduced me to the idea years ago, and I read about them on Artist Barb Kobe's website) and decided that is what she would be for me. And she has been healing. Working on her has helped me work through the mid-life/identity crisis that has come along with the limitations pain has lately placed upon me. Some people have asked about her story--there it is.

I had other plans for this head when I first sculpted it, but when I painted her, her sad little face spoke to me, I knew she needed a Teddy Bear! Shortly after I had made her bear (but not her body yet--LOL) I found this tiny plastic "frozen Charlotte" doll at the craft store. Once she was going to have a BEAR and a DOLL, I knew she was going to be a self-portrait of sorts. I made the tiny paint brushes to give her more of my favorite things!

I have wondered before at how lucky I am to have known so young what I wanted to be...

When I realized these things were practically written into my name, I could not believe I hadn't noticed before!

I must always remember....

The little girl was always going to have a hat. It is a crown because of this quote; "On the darkest days when I feel inadequate, and unworthy, I remember whose daughter I am and I straighten my Crown!"

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Kelly said...

Tami that was such a sweet story! I love her and I am happy she has helped you heal and find your way back to the wonderful person you have always been! And of course I love love love the bear!

Hugs, Kelly