Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Letting off a Little Steam

I love the Steampunk look and I've been thinking about making another Steampunk themed bear piece---the gears are turing in my mind, but I have a few other works in progress I need to finish before I start something new!

I realized I never posted finished pictures of my last Steampunk creations on this blog! You can find  my idea sketch and a few progress photos a couple of posts below, but here is the finished bear for the Steampunk gallery at the Quinlan show in Philadelphia.



Icarus wears a leather aviaitor helmut and vest that were challenging and fun to make and wooden wings, painted to look like tarnished brass. I love this bear!

Along with the Steampunk gallery, a few artists chose to let off some steam at dinner by dressing up in fine Steampunk fashion. Of course I was one of them! My costume is put together entirely from thriftstore finds apart from the corset and hat. I dressed up an inexpensive party store top hat, and bought an authentic steel- boned corset from "corsetdeal.com". ( Who knew there was such a place?)

Icarus and I

with Noemi Smith

My wonderful husband and I

It's about time for dinner, I think.

The lovely and talenetd Michelle Lamb and I

Excited award winners.

Martha Burch does amazing Steampunk pieces!

Katherine Hallam looked incredible in her Alice in Wonderland themed Steampunk costume.
I wish I had taken a close up of the leather teacup hat she made.

There were even more people dressed up and still more said they would join us all next year. I'm looking forward to it!

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Olga Goncharova said...

Hello Tami,
Your Icarus is gorgeous! You did an excellent job! I like the costume very much, and I love the idea of the bear who wishes for flying. Thanks for sharing :)
Sincerely, Olga