Saturday, March 29, 2014

Pulling Strings

I have always been interested in puppets of all kinds. The way one can make these in-animate objects appear to come to life with hidden hands is something I still find delightful (Although I know many folks who find it creepy!) My toy-making adventures as a child included hand puppets with felt bodies and heads made from styrofoam balls covered in fabric or paper mache, and full-bodied animal puppets stitched from my own patterns made with plush fur, in addition to the childhood puppetry standards-paper bag puppets and sock puppets! My brother had a fantastic clown marionette when we were young and I wanted one of my own, but never thought of making one. In recent years though, I started a couple of times to create a marionette bear, but became side tracked with other projects (as I often do).

Then, last month, when I came an online marionette class taught by one of my favorite doll sculptors, Diane Keeler, I had to do it. It was a birthday present to myself. The class was fantastic, and I finally finished a marionette! It's a young Mad Hatter. If you'd like take a class from Diane yourself, you can find some here along with classes from other talented artists!

Here are some in-progress photos:

The parts are sculpted from polymer clay

Diane Keeler demonstrated her step by step
method for sculpting perfet ears!

My experience in doing "face-ups" on my BJD collection helped with the

The wig is made from a scrap of mohair plush in
 the "use what you have" spirit!

I am pleased with his chubby hands.

This is a "use what you have" project. I bought nothing new.

Here is my finished marionette! 


Kays Kids said...

Tami, your puppet is magical. You have such a talent. I am so pleased you enjoyed your class.
I can see more coming.
hugs Kay

Tami Eveslage said...

Thank you, Kay!

Cheryl @ Bingle Bears said...

He's absolutely STUNNING, Tami!! I just love him. Your doll work is as amazing as your bearwork--you are truly an artist.


Tami Eveslage said...

Thank you Cheryl!

Debora Hoffmann said...

Wow! I LOVE him! You are doing so very well with your dolls and now, marionettes! :)