Friday, April 19, 2013

Memory Magic

Memory is such a strange thing. The older I get the more mystified I am by it! Often, I am frustrated by my forgetfulness. I can forget things in an instant. I go upstairs for something, and in the time it takes to walk up the stairs, I cannot recall what I have come for.  I ask Sean if he will be going out of town for work next week, and ten minutes later I can recall asking him...and I know he answered...but what did he say? Where is he going?

Other times, I am amazed by the clarity with which a long forgotten memory comes to mind. Where did it come from? Why am I recalling it now? I sew on my sewing machine nearly every day. I have done for many years now. So why is it that tonight, as I was sewing a pink and green collar for a bear, I recalled watching my Aunt Dottie sewing a nightie for me on her sewing machine. I don't remember how old I was, but I was pretty young as my cousin Katie, five years younger than me, was standing in her crib in the next room flicking the lights off and on. The sewing machine was in the dining room. I had come to spend the night without pajamas and Aunt Dottie was using her sewing machine to shorten one of her own night shirts for me. I watched with fascination and I asked her if she could sew a picture of Snoopy on it for me. I loved Snoopy and love to draw him too.  Aunt Dottie said if I drew it, she would sew it. Since it was a sleeping shirt, I drew a sleeping Snoopy, lying flat on his back on top of his doghouse, and she sewed over my lines with a zigzag stitch. I was so pleased, I hope I remembered to say thank you. If I didn't, I will now...Thanks for my Snoopy nightie, Aunt Dottie, and for the lovely memory!


Dottie LeCount said...

Memories are the bonds that keep us together forever. I hope all of yours are as happy as those times we shared. I love you, Tami!

Aunt Dottie1514

Tami Eveslage said...

I love you too! I remember many, many happy times visiting you!