Sunday, March 18, 2012

Ah, Spring!

With the Teddy Bear's Tea Party online show fast approaching, I have been spending much of the last few of weeks in my studio, but I managed to steal just a little bit of time today to soak in the beautiful spring weather we are having. I justified this self indulgence by photographing a bear. (See, I'm still working!)

I am so happy to live in a part of the world which has all four distinct seasons. There are, to be sure, times during some of the longer, grayer winters in Ohio, when I wish I lived in some sunny-year-round place, but mostly I love all the seasons. Each comes with its own particular sensory indulgences, and they feed my soul! The wonderful white blossoms on the pear trees which line our street, the powder pink ones which are right outside our bedroom window, the bright green of the new grass and the lovely yellow shades of the daffodils are a feast for the eyes.
The warmth of the sun, the gentle touch of the breezes, and the sounds of the birds all delight me. And then there are the smells! I love the smell of the new grass, and the perfume of the hyacinths, but my favorite is rich earthy smell of the ground from all the rain we had the last couple of days. Neither my words or my photographs can begin to describe the pleasure this gives me. Ah, Spring!!!


Kays Kids said...

Like you I enjoy the four seasons so much. Because I came from a farm, the smell that is so wonderful to me is the freshly turned earth after rain. When they are ploughing the paddocks.
Sit and have your coffee, and enjoy every minute of it.

Michele Seraphim said...

Look at all your beautiful flowers already! We in Canada are not quite there yet but I did enjoy a lovely sunny day today and got out to rake and clear the yard of old leaves left behind now that the winter snow has melted! We also planted our Rose of Sharon and that means the beginning of a full and beautiful spring!

I too cannot imagine living somewhere where the seasons were not a part of life! Thanks for sharing your beautiful pictures and as you already know... I AM IN LOVE with HATTER!

Big hugs
Michele Seraphim