Monday, December 27, 2010

Roses for Christmas

About two or three years ago, I bought this cream colored pitcher from a friend who sells Longaberger products. I had no plans for it really, since we don't use pitchers; I just really liked it. When I got home, I just put it in the center of the kitchen table, not knowing what else to do with it. That weekend, my sweet husband came home from the grocery store (yes, I know I'm lucky he does the grocery shoppping) with a big bouquet of flowers for me! "They are to put in your vase," he explained.

Ever since then, I get fresh flowers every one or two weeks! Sometimes, on special occasions, I get roses, like these lovely red and white ones for Christmas!

Roses may fade, but receiving flowers from your sweetheart never gets old!!!


Little Leaf said...

Heart warming. You must be well loved!

kola1311 said...

у Вас замечательный муж!!!!! Это так здорово что он делает такие знаки внимания!!!!!

Tami Eveslage said...

Thank you Little Leaf.
Kola1311,I used google translate to read your comment and it says "you have a wonderful husband !!!!! This is so cool that he makes such tokens !!!!!" Thank you.