Wednesday, October 13, 2010

ARSED! (A random sketch every day)

My dear friend Chloe, a young artist from England, has invited me to participate in a challenge she calls ARSED! I have heard the term "arse" before but not "arsed" and so I had to look it up. Good ol' Google! Though a clear definition could not be found, apparently it is often used like bothered, as in "I can't be arsed to do that now." Which is how I seemed to have viewed drawing for a while now, being busy with my family, teaching, and bear making. But really, I love to draw, I just didn't because I felt I had no time. In Chloe's challenge, ARSED stands for A Random Sketch Every Day. What a simple but wonderful idea. Like exercise, I must make time for the things that are important to me-and the things I enjoy.

And so, I am drawing again! I have a small 6 X 8 spiral drawing pad, and for the last few days I have tried to spend at least 30 minutes drawing each day. Yesterday, I spent an hour and a half, to make up for missing one day. I do love to draw and I hope I can keep it up every day while continuing to make my bears, and teach, and oh yeah, exercise!

I posted the first two drawings in the previous post. Here are some more recent efforts:

My favorite-

Another Halloween themed drawing-

A very loose sketch of a sad little girl-

I wasn't overly thrilled with this one, so I couldn't be arsed to finish her! LOL
I may change my mind and come back to her another day though. Poor sad little thing.


Little Leaf said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE! I can't wait to see what book you come up with and am so happy you are working on one! I would buy it!!

Debora Hoffmann said...

The little sad girl is my favorite! You should finish her. :o)

Miss Johnson said...

Yey for people who can be ARSED! I love your drawings Tami, can't wait to see more on Flickr :)

Leny said...


Beautiful!! Love it.

Will follow,hope you visit,follow me too.


CM said...

I'm in agreement with others, the sad girl is my favorite XD;

(This is Kitazawa/Casey, by the way >_>)