Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I'm Still Here!

I've been working on so many things at once that I have not been posting much, but I am still here and still making bears (and some bunnies, and some knitted scarves). Also, our power was out for a while due to the huge winds the hurricane sent us. In Ohio!!? Remember the post where I was contemplating whether or not I'd give up electricity before giving up making bears? I had a chance to try it out! What do you think I did during the power outage? I worked on bear on the screen porch and in the candle light until my eyes couldn't take it anymore!

I am also very much looking forward to next weekend for a chance to get away and emerse myself in sculpting dolls and surround myself with passionate and talented doll artists at the BJD Artists Workshop Retreat!!! The forum for the retreat has asked for a photo, and I didn't have a recent one I liked (I have lots of cute ones from 2-3 years ago before I gained 20lbs!) So I asked my son, Alex to take one. He took a few, and then told me to hold one of my bears. Wouldn't you know that the photo of me with a bear was the one with the most natural smile!
Here I am with The Little Drummer Boy, made for Teddy Bear and Friends magazine's Christmas feature.

I'll bring my camera to the retreat so I can post some pictures here. It sounds liek we are going to be very busy though so I do hope I remember to use it!


Laura Lynn said...

Have a great time at the retreat Tami! Your son did a wonderful job as a photographer, you look beautiful! Hugz, Laura Lynn

All Bear by Paula said...

Lovely photo Tami! Have a great time at the retreat and please take lots of pics for us to share!

Ellen said...

A BJD retreat??? Ohhh I am jealous! I hope you had a lovely time there and hope to read all about it soon..;) Hugs, Ellen

Tami Eveslage said...

Thanks gals. It was really cool.