Friday, June 13, 2008

It's Summertime!!!

Well, school is finally out for both myself and the boys, and we are so ready. They are ready for a break, and I am ready to switch gears from teaching to bears and dolls so I have something to take to the Sauder Village show in six weeks!!
I have not been as productive as I had wanted to be during this, my first week out of school, but the boys are in full out summer mode--sleep overs,swimming, and major squirt gun battles in the yard!

I have had some studio time, but I still am finding myself distracted...

Isn't she growing fast? Actually though, even though she's always right there with me (she's on my lap asleep as I type this) I can't blame Missy for my distraction. I can't even say it is my sons keeping me from being productive. They have been keeping themselves quite busy so far. No. THIS is my distraction. THIS--being here in this chair, looking at this screen!!! I think that the internet is a wonderful place for an artist to read, learn, search, and be inspired. I love looking at all kinds of different arts and crafts on here. I love reading doll and bear artists blogs, and connecting to artsy folks in forums, but there are dolls and bears in my head waiting to be made and there is a show coming up!!! So as of right now, I'm declaring myself "unplugged" for a week! I will not surf.I will check my email only once per day, and limit my time doing it. I have a couple of bears in the works right now, and I am hoping that by the time I post here again next Friday, I'll have those two and one more finished for you to see. (hope I can do this)
See you in a week!


All Bear by Paula said...

Ah, I sympathise with you Tami! The internet is such a treasure trove! Your little Missy kitty is so very pretty ... *sighs*

Good luck with your local fair! I'm sure you beautiful bears will be a huge hit!

Sarah said...

Oh, Missy is tugging at my heart strings! She's beautiful.

I'm just the same with surfing (on the internet that is, not the waves!). Sometimes a hour will pass (did I just admit that?).

Hugs, Sarah x