Monday, March 10, 2008

"Life is Drawing Without an Eraser"

"Life is Drawing Without an Eraser"
I just read that quote in an email I received today, and I love it! When it comes to my artwork, I like realism and precision. I can spend hours trimming a Teddy Bear snout to get the shape just right, and if I don't bake a polymer clay sculpt right away, I could tweak it forever. But for some reason, I also love to draw with a pen. For me, the fact that I know I can't go back and erase somehow frees my inhibitions. It takes away that "it-has-to-be-perfect" pressure. If I know I can't erase, then what is there is there. My pen and ink sketches always have a much more energetic quality about them, and even though they are not perfect, I love them. I suppose life is like that too. It is good to have a plan, but sometimes when we let go of our plans and preconceived notions, great things happen. One example is my job search last summer. I had planned to get a full time teaching job at my sons' school. It was the only place I had applied because I was sure I would be teaching there this school year. It is close, there were four openings which I was qualified for, and the pay was great! It was the "perfect" job for me. I was devastated when I didn't even get an interview. I had not planned to look at private schools because the pay is always significantly less, but I had to check out other options when the positions I wanted were filled. When I saw the opening for the art teacher at St. Bernadette School online, my heart literally started to race, and I knew this was going to be my job. I would get to teach art, my passion, even though I am still short a few credit hours for certification in art. (a public school district like the one my sons attend cannot be that flexible.) It is a part time job which is wonderful because I still have plenty of time to do my own artwork. It is not perfect. I wish it were closer to home, and I think we all would like to be paid more for our time and experience, but it really doesn't matter because, like a lively sketch that flows from my pen when I let myself go, I absolutely love it!


gail said...

Hi Tami,,, I love your artwork. Your drawings are beautiful. wow, it would be great to be an art teacher. Things really do happen for a reason.... happy creating,, gail

Laura Lynn said...

Tami... WOW!!! Your drawings are as awesome as your bears!! Your position may not be "perfect", but I'm so glad you love what you do!

Brenda said...

Hi Tami,
It's nice to see your sketches - they are lovely. I adore pen and ink. I've added your blog link to mine. Take care.



Debora Hoffmann said...

Gorgeous sketches, Tami! You are truly an artist in many media. Your Guenter reminds me of my German bear, Herr Gruenhosen ( I just love traditionally dressed teddies--ja wohl! Congratulations on the art teacher position that affords you time to do your creative passions. I hope I'll have time soon to pursue's such fun!