Friday, March 9, 2007

A Place for My Stuff!

People are often surprised at all the things I can make, I make Teddy Bears, dolls, scrapbooks, watercolor paintings, and more, but what I am the best at, is making a mess! At least I used to be. (Who am I kidding? I still am, I just know how to clean it up now!) My workroom would become so “unbearably” messy that even I couldn’t stand it anymore, and I’d try to clean it up. It always seemed an impossible task. The room was a nice size to work in, but there was no place to put anything away. I kept boxes on top of and under my work table, mohair in both of my children’s closets, and stuffing in the basement.
“I just need a place for my stuff.” I kept telling my husband. Well now I have one! We turned this small space into an office for my husband and moved my studio downstairs. Here are before and after pictures of my workroom!
Before: Scary, isn't it?

After: That's better!

A lot better!


Laura Lynn said...

WOW Tami! I LOVE your new workroom! You may have inspired me to rearrange mine a bit.... maybe... :)

LOVED visiting your studio!!
Laura Lynn

fribbles said...

Whew! What a difference in before and after photos!! And it looks like an absolutely marvelous place to create in, very soothing and calm!!